Thursday, January 21, 2010

YOUDRAW- How to Draw BEYONCE Step By Step with Artist Merrill Kazanjian

Its time for YOU to draw Beyonce. All that you will need is a pencil with an eraser, a blending stump or Q-Tip and a large index card. Be sure to stop the video at the end of each step and look at the reference picture on the computer screen. No drawing experience? Doesn't matter. You are gonna surprise yourself!

Step 1- Make a rainbow shape at the top of your large index card. Notice that the top of the rainbow is at the very top of the card. Then make the oval Notice that the bottom of the oval is more pointed than the top.
Step 2- Continue the line at the end of the rainbow down to the mid point of the card and then curve it upwards to the bottom of the oval. Do this on both sides.
Step 3- Try to match the two lines that I just added. Use the sides of the index card to gage their accuracy.
Step 4- Use your observation skills to draw the two lines that I just added. This will eventually be the bottom of Beyonce's left arm.
Step 5- Do the same for the top of her left arm.
Step 6- Now, create the top of her forearm. Hint, notice the shape that is formed in the background, think of this shape as a puzzle piece and use it to tweak the shapes around it.
Step 7- Create the V shape on her dress. Notice that the bottom of the V ends at the mid point of the shape that was formed in the previous step.
Step 8- I slightly changed the shape at the bottom of the hair on the left and created a neck. I also made another shape within the hair.
Step 9- I created another shape within the hair.
Step 10- I changed the side of her hair. I made 7 wild curls at the bottom with a wave above it.
Step 11- Take a second to observe and draw the shapes that I just drew on the other side of her hair.
Step 12- I exposed the neck some more by curling up the bottom of the hair on the left side of her head.
Step 13- I put a line for the shadow under her breasts
Step 14- I added an earring
Step 15- I added a belt
Step 16- I added two ovals on the face for the eye sockets. These will be broken down in to smaller shapes.
Step 17- I added a shape for the shadow on the right side of Beyonce's nose. Put this in very lightly
Step 18- I added Beyonces top lip. The shape is similar to a flattened McDonalds arch.
Step 19- I added Beyonce's bottom lip. Notice that it is wider than the top lip and has a shadow at the bottom.
Step 20- I added the eyebrows at the top of the eye socket
Step 21- I added her eyes. In this picture she is wearing a lot of eye liner, so the lines at the top and bottom of the eye could be similar in width.

After the step by step, I talk you through she difficult shading of the hair face and body. You will see me demonstrate strategies on how to shade hair with pencil, a tortillion (blending stump) and an eraser. I will also show you how to get a soft (smoothly shaded) face and how to build up the tones through layers of hatching to do the clothes and the body.

Su tiempo para dibujar Beyonce. Todo lo que usted necesita es un lápiz con una goma de borrar, un difumino o Q-Tip y una tarjeta de índice general. Asegúrese de dejar el vídeo al final de cada paso y mirar el cuadro de referencia en la pantalla del ordenador. Sin experiencia de dibujo? Doesnt matter. Estás va a sorprenderte a ti mismo.