Thursday, January 21, 2010

YOUDRAW Lebron James How to Draw LBJ Step by Step . with Artist Merrill Kazanjian Today, you are going to draw Lebron James...Never draw before? That is OK! I broke this process down in to simple steps for you. I recommend that you pause the video at the end of each step and get in the habit of looking at the reference image on the screen at least once every five seconds. To make this as easy as possible, I uploaded a print version of this lesson to my website. Go to and type in LeBron in the search box. Or, if you are watching on you-tube, click the link to the right. All that you will need is a pencil and some paper to draw and a q tip or a blending tool to do the shading in the second part of this video. Good luck! Here we go!

This part has 24 steps and it will be followed by a Lebron shading tutorial.
Step 1- Make a rainbow shape
Step 2- Make another rainbow shape above the first, with a slightly higher arc. This will be LeBron's headband. At the end of this step, it should resemble a banana shape.
Step 3- Make one more rainbow shape slightly above the top of the headband this will be Lebrons hair.
Step 4- Is a little tricky. Add the 2 shapes that you see. Notice that the one on (your) left is slightly larger than the one on (your) right.
Step 5- Add the backward L shape that you see.
Step 6- Add the shape that looks like the "little dipper" (pot shape).
Step 7- Add the next 2 lines. Notice that these two lines connect with the bottom of the shape from step 4.
Step 8- Add the 2 small rainbow shapes for the tops of Lebrons Eyes, and take an extra second to notice how each end connects to form a new shape above the eye.
Step 9- Add 2 U shapes under each eye lid. Don't make circles though, leave the top blocked by the upper eyelid.
Step 10- Take a second to observe the gross outline of the nose. Notice that the shape is about the same height as the forehead.
Step 11- The next lines that you see are the outline of Lebrons moustache. Notice that the 2 vertical lines go DIRECTLY below the mid part of Lebrons eyes.
Step 12- Next, put in Lebrons upper lip. Notice that it looks like a flattened letter M.
Step 13- Now put in his bottom lip. It is shaped like a boat. The shape in between the 2 lips looks like the roof of a Pizza Hut.
Step 14- Now, do your best to put in the ear shapes. Notice that his head is turned slightly, so the ear on your right will be a little smaller.
Step 15- Try to observe the line for his chin and jaw and then draw it.
Step 16- Observe and add these lines for the neck.
Step 17- Add the shoulders
Step 18- This v shape will be an important shadow on the neck.
Step 19- Add the W shape between the chin and lower lip.
Step 20- Connect the W shape with the bottom of each ear.
Step 21- Add the nostrils
Step 22- Add the bottom line for the eye.
Step 23- Add two V shapes under the eyes
Step 24- For the final step before we shade, notice the three shapes that are being added on each ear.