Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drawing portrait of woman. How to draw portrait from photo by artist Igor Kazarin

http://art-portrets.ru/eng.html - Drawing portrait of woman by artist Igor Kazarin. Video How to draw portrait from photo http://art-portrets.ru/chernobeliy-je... in remarkable techniques of drawing portrait a dry brush. More often similar portraits are pleasant to women but if to draw young women, that is girls is much easier, it is very difficult drawing portrait of woman aged, especially if you drawing a portrait from a photo. How to draw portrait of woman aged, all it is necessary to catch correctly in a woman portrait all proportions. The second Drawing portrait more effectively, especially for old women it is very important factor, to smooth down wrinkles within possible a little, It is necessary to draw more expressively eyes, lips and a hair dress. Drawing portrait of woman in this techniques has gone 5-7 hours, probably high speed drawing portrait by 2 hours, but then quality and shine of perception of a portrait will be lost.