Monday, April 12, 2010

Drawing/Mixed Media Art: Prisma Markers, Color Pencil, Oil Paint, Photoshop- The Myspace Pose
If you own a computer, and you have a myspace account, chances are, you have seen what is known as the myspace self photo....also known as the TOO MUCH INFORMATION profile pic! These photos are usually a combination of blatant misspelling and nudity. Sexxii Grannii (Sexy Granny) ON DECK (Whatever the HELL that means)!

As an artist, it is my job document what exists in the world around me. Right now (early 2010), the social networking sites are I created this mixed media artwork, based upon a scary picture that I saw on MySpace.

I took a mixed media approach in creating this work.
1.) Pencil- I used the pencil to sketch the initial pose. I do not do any shading while working with the pencil (in step one)
2.) Illustration Marker- Prismacolor and Chartpak Ad markers allow me to put down layers of color quickly. These markers leave transparent marks of color, similar to watercolor paint and often, their vibrancy can be seen through layers of translucent color (added later).
3.) Color Pencils- The fine tip of color pencils allow me to make marks with extreme precision. I use prismacolor color pencils because they blend extremely well and are compatible with oil paint.
4.) Oil Paint- The most versatile medium. Oil paint can be applied in thick "impasto" style or in thin transparent glazes. In this case, I tried to finish my work......but I decided that I needed to make a few changes.
5.) In order to make those changes, I let my work dry, then scanned it, then opened it up in....
6.) Photoshop (And Paint Shop Pro 9)- These two computer programs allow me to do digital collage and edit/refine my work. In this case, I changed the posture of the character.
7.) Print- On SPECIAL paper (hit the link)
8.) Color pencil- to bring out the tones (again) and prep the paper for oil paint (yes, it is a good primer). Also the color from the color pencils mix with the oil paint, which creates a cool effect.
9.) Oil Paint- Finishing touches
10.) Scan
11.) Save as a PNG that I can use this character multiple times.
-Merrill Kazanjian