Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Draw Michael Jordan Step by Step Part 2 with artist Merrill Kazanjian - This is part 2 of my tutorial on how to draw Michael Jordan. Part 1 showed you how to draw MJ's head and this part will teach you how to draw his body. I recommend that you hit the link in the video description to go to a printable step by step guide. Lets get started.

Step 1- For Step one, try to draw the shapes that I just added. Notice that his body goes out to your right a little bit less than a head length, from ear to ear. The bottom of his collar is also less than a head length down

Step 2- Complete the shape for the shirt. Notice that the entire length of the shirt is almost 2 head lengths.

Step 3- Observe and add the shapes for the upper arms.

Step 4- Add the shape for the basketball and the right arm. notice that it is similar to a vase shape.

Step 5- Add the forearm and the shape for the hand.

Step 6- Add the shape for MJ's shorts. notice that his legs are moving in a different direction than his upper body.

Step 7- Draw in the shape for the lower legs. notice that they are angled in the same direction as the upper body.

Step 8- Draw in MJ's shoes

Step 9- Fix MJ's hand.