Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Laika Space Dog drawing by artist Igor Kazarin

http://www.art-portrets.ru/ - Drawing dog in dry brush technique, I sometimes like to paint dogs, but i have much less to draw dogs than people, respectively, for obvious reasons. Laika Space Dog drawing portrait in dry brush from an old photo, Of course, this famous dog, which is rarely mentioned or where. Laika Space Dog - The first living creature who flew a rocket into space on Nov. 3, 1957, a great pity that from space, she never returned. After it flew into space and returned safely back to, dogs Belka and Strelka. Drawing a dog is not very complicated in comparison with drawing of people, and most difficult task is more plausible to draw a dog's fur. How to properly and quickly draw a dog's fur, you can see in this video. If you liked my drawing of this amazing dog astronaut, please comment on and rate this video.