Thursday, May 27, 2010

Speed drawing portrait of Monica Bellucci in dry brush art

Speed drawing portrait of Monica Bellucci in amazing the portrait art style of drawing a Dry-Brush, Portrait art in this technics of drawing very much pleasant for all women, as the example is portrait Monica Bellucci. Artist Igor Kazarin drew a portrait on time current of 6 hours, and only on video collected from fragments of work of the artist, it has turned out to time speed drawing portrait. I always liked to draw Monica Bellucci, in current of 15-17 years some portraits of Monica, a portrait Monica Bellucci 2009 now have been drawn, You can see and estimate video Speed drawing portrait of Monica Belluci. I can admit it, as my best art portrait technics a dry brush lately. Why in this technics I draw much, because such portraits very amazing and much like all women. Pay attention as it is effectively looked on this video.