Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lee Hammond's Lifelike Drawing

In this artistsnetwork.tv video workshop, Lee demonstrates techniques for achieving lifelike drawings no matter what your subject, giving you the tools you need for wonderful, realistic results! After a review of materials, Lee shows you how to perfect her special blending technique for super, realistic effects. She then demonstrates how to draw a variety of subjects—vase, dog, rose and pineapple—building new skills with each, from achieving the smooth transitions of a spherical vase, to the overlapping edges of a rose, to the irregularities of a pineapple's surface.

In this preview you'll learn how to transform an outlined, cartoons object into something more realistic, by working with the edges, overlapping surfaces, and blending your graphite as you go. Visit www.artistsnetwork.tv to access the 83-minute, full-length video (starting 11/19/2010).