Friday, January 21, 2011

Draw Kurt Cobain Extended Shading Tutorial with artist Merrill Kazanjian - This is the extended shading tutorial on how to draw Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Pause the video at different points and use the image on the screen as your reference image. I am combining two methods called 1.) cross hatching and 2.) smudging.....right now. Pause the video at different points and use the image on the screen as your reference image. It doesnt get very dark under the eyes.......however, above the eyes (between the eye and the eyebrow) it gets very dark. Kurt has dark and full eyebrows. Use a #2 (HB) pencil to start. Dont be scared to press hard in the eye region. The nose is tricky. The darkest part is the nostril (not part of the step by step video). But the entire shape of the bottom of the nose gets pretty dark. After, I fill it in, observe it, then draw it. I am using a #7 Bristle Flat brush for the shading. The top lip is dark and solid in shape. The LEFT side of his face (the side on YOUR right) is lighter in tone than the right side. The bottom left corner of the page will get very dark. I "went right in" with a 6B pencil. REMEMBER, shading is all about RELATIVITY, so compare the tones of the different areas of the image, The shape at the bottom of the face will eventually be blended in with other dark tones. In order to make the hair "pop out" you need to darken the background. (Its all about relativity!!!) The hair is a LOT of Adding....then erasing.....adding...then erasing ....Be sure to make your strokes in the same direction at the hair in this reference image.....Notice that I am using the eraser to "draw". Now the "PORTRAIT" begins....Now it looks like a human being......but I have to "wrestle" with it to make it look like Kurt Cobain. Use a slip sheet (look under my hand) when you get this far. The darkest areas have several layers of hatching. (8B pencil).
The Machine Thinks, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and Waltz - Tschikovsky Op. 40 are by Kevin MacLeod of and are under a Creative Commons license (attribution). I will credit Mr. MacLeod in the video description. All visuals are made by me (Merrill Kazanjian). I understand and choose to comply with the rules of copyright law.