Monday, April 4, 2011

Speed Painting of Rihanna: Oil Paint, Color Pencils, Markers by artist Merrill Kazanjian - My process 1.) Sketch 2.) Illustration Markers 3.) Color Pencils and 4.) Oil paint. Sometimes I add even more steps with Photoshop, but I didnt for this portrait. I wanted to see how far I could push oil paint as a medium. I prefer painterly realism to photorealism (photo realistic stuff gets boring.....whats the point of simply reproducing a picture?).

 I was satisfied with the results, despite my unorthodox approach to making this....(painting? work of art? mixed media?....I dont know what to call it.) The markers were Prismacolor and Chartpak Ad. The color pencils were Prisma and the oil paint was Old Holland, Maimeri, Vasari, Bloxx, Grumbacher and Holbein Colors. I used Liquin as a paint medium. I used Flat, Round and Filbert Brushes and occasionally a fan brush (for delicate blending). This time lapse speed portrait consolidated four hours in to less than four minutes

Speed Painting of Rihanna: Oil Paint, Color... by kazanjianm