Thursday, May 5, 2011

Britney Spears - Hold it against me speed drawing


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First of all a great thanks to all of you new subscribers and commenters, you rule :) But more so you regular commenters who always stop by :)

"Its Britney, "...... :) and she sure was hard to draw because of the arms and tilt of the head, as well as the hair, but hey I like a challenge. I wanted a cool and eye catching picture of her and that is why i chose this rather unusual image of her. The final still portrait / drawing of her at the end of the vid is the one where everything is ok in my eyes, as best as i can get it :)

Drawing time 5 hours 42 minutes.

Drawing is on A3 paper - Daler Rowney 80lbs ... All pencils I use are mentioned on my channel page. I also used a magic marker in this for the black background though... brand is Copic. Number 110.

If you're interested in how I learnt to draw that's also on my main channel page :)

I do have some tutorials so just check out my playlists and you'll find some.

Music is by Joseph Birdsong and used with permission. You can buy his music which is brill, here:

His channel..

This is his artsy fantastic video to the song "This song is about you" which is in the video

Itunes link for Jo's music

Amazon link