Monday, May 9, 2011

Drawing Ciel Phantomhive using colored pencils and soft pastels with artist Sophie Chan

This drawing is based upon the majority request. I hope you like it and you can check the picture here in deviant art:

The purpose of this video is to inspire you and show you how traditional art is beautiful ( also supporting my contest).

the reference picture I used belongs to : silvair [] , I didn't mean to use it because I thought the photo was taken from the Anime, which shows how good the drawing was

Total time of the drawing : 1 hour and 15 min

The music used from the anime is as follows: I already asked for permission but received no response; please contact me in case you are held responsible or if it violates copyrights issues. I have no problem in removing them.

1)20 to the memory of Madame Red Red Lady

2)25 Si deus me relinquit

3)17 important not return again

4)27 Lizzie

Thank you