Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drawing Donald and Goofy with artist Raquel Gee

EDIT - 010308: Over 10,000 views! Thank you everyone! :D

EDIT - 071008: Over 30,000 views! Thanks!

A person suggested to draw Donald and Goofy, and I thought it was a good idea because the only Disney characters I have drawn were Chip and Dale. Haha.. I used reference from the Kingdom Hearts manga, and this is my FIRST TIME drawing Donald and Goofy. Donald Duck looks more like Daffy Duck to me. xD And sorry for the occasional black screen flashes in the video, sometimes it does that to some of the videos I make. D:

Character(s): Donald and Goofy - Kingdom Hearts/Disney

Time: 27 minutes

Program: Paint

Used: Tablet and Mouse

Song: KHII Soundtrack - 45 - Mickey Mouse Club March