Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drawing Kairi and Namine with artist Raquel Gee

EDIT - 122507: Yay! 10,000 views! Thank you everyone! Love you all! :D

A request was asked and done. :]] It was a little harder to drawing Kairi and Namine because I don't draw them often. Kairi ended up looking more like Tifa to me.. haha.. xD Enjoy!

EDIT: For all you people saying the body is all screwed up, just think about it. The camera is getting a shot from above. I know my angles are not that great, but come on, it's practice.


Character(s): Kairi and Namine - Kingdom Hearts

Time: 15 minutes

Program: Paint

Used: Tablet

Song: KHII Soundtrack - 49 - Floating in Bliss