Monday, May 30, 2011

House Portrait in 90 seconds by Eli Ofir

Eli Ofir works as a full time artist. He takes on commissions to draw all sorts of houses,
big and small, old and new. Not only does he produce beautiful original portraits, he also provides high-quality digital copies that can be used for prints, letterheads, cards and so on.

He exhibits at international shows every year including the Hampton Court Flower Show and the Country Living shows.

For more information about Eli's work and for commission enquiries please visit:

This book and the accompanying 'Living in History' Wall Poster can also be purchased

online at:

"...I become very emotional when I draw beautiful old houses. They are living history
scattered everywhere across the English countryside...

When I'm drawing a house, the fine detail of my pen work takes me on a magical journey where the history of each property is revealed with every brick and stone I immortalise.

The uneven lines of the roof, walls and beams deepen this mystery. That's why I slightly enhance these elements to bring out the warmth and personality of the houses....

I love to meet owners and hear their stories about their house and its history... This gives me a good feel for their home and, most importantly, the way they feel about it..."

From the artist's introduction to the book.

House portrait in 90 seconds - Living in History by Eli Ofir from Home Portraits4U on Vimeo.