Thursday, July 21, 2011

De1in drawing Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) & Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) - First of all, BOW DOWN to my awesome taste in music! I love this had vocals in it but I used an instrumental, because I prefer instrumental for background music. The song is called "Waga Routashi aku no Hana' by Ali Project, the best Japanese band out there.

As for the drawing, there's barely Malfoy/Tom in it I know. But this was referenced from a MOVIE POSTER for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Which I'm going to watch!! yayyy)

and I know I can't draw mouths, forgive me -.- I really want to get professional training but unfortunately all the great masters live hours away from my house so I'll just continue on my own right now.

but I think the final thing is satisfying to me, so I'll leave it to that. Harry took like 1 hour and Malfoy took around 15 minutes.

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thank you! More of these coming, Hermione Ron...but please be patient. I'm going to take a break for about 1 week and then come back to YT