Thursday, July 21, 2011

De1in painting Emma Watson - I promise my next video will be a pencil sketch!!! I guess most of you like watching pencil sketches more.

And I used the wrong paper here for water in the end her skin looks funny.
I know this video isn't as good because I spend a lot of time trying to fix her eyes. I think it stopped looking like her when I drew her eyelashes and makeup (she doesn't have that much make up on!!), but in the end I think it looks like her. I've had a few Emma drawings in the past (I love drawing her) but people have told me, and in hindsight I think they don't look that much like her. So I hope you guys will like this one~ especially for gab-wax who couldn't find my Emma drawing anymore. (Have fun in Taiwan!)

I really wasn't that bothered to do the background. Sorry for music, it's by Tchaikovsky, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. I know many people probably aren't into the classical/romantic era of music...

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Suggestions of who I am to draw are welcome

This is sadly my last day in two months *Europe* to use internet with no censorship ;__; ohhh China why