Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drawing Megan Fox with artist Delin - I really tried! She was the hardest person I tried to draw in a while! Her eyelids are very different from most people I draw, and well I'm not a fan of hers anyway so that explains why the outcome wasn't anywhere as good as my Adam Lambert one. It took around 40 minutes too, which is half the time I took for Adam I think. Also, this is filmed again on my grandpa's computer which is SUPER WIDE, so when I copy down from the image it is stretched widely, making me draw the face wider than it is supposed to be.

I felt that I was drawing Angelina Jolie when I got to the lips

Anyway sorry for the music....I know the boom boom boom sounds really stupid, but it was the only song I could find in a hurry which I hope at least won't get marked down for some crap

And it takes a lot of time filming/setting please be polite even if you don't like it.

I promise my next portrait will be better so please, comment, rate and subscribe~! I'd very much appreciate