Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Draw Katy Perry Step by Step by Merrill Kazanjian

Link- http://merrillk.com/?part=fineart&act=artist1&artist=69&collectio... Think about it......If you give a child something to write with, they going to make images. Its an instinct, ingrained in every human being. As we get older we learn our letters and we suppress our visual instincts. Many people never attempt to reach their potential in drawing because they are scared of messing up or looking bad. You don't have to worry about messing up today......Tell em why Little Old Man!

As I was saying.....Today, YOU are going to Draw Katy Perry and you are going to surprise yourself with the quality of your work. I recommend that you hit the link in the video description. The link will take you to a page on my website with photos and text. This guide on my website will enhance your understanding of what I am teaching you in this video. Everybody grab your pencils and paper, lets get started.

Step 1: Draw a bowl shape.
Step 2: Observe and draw the nose shape at the top of the bowl shape. Notice its size and placement within the bowl shape. Also, add the lines which look like parentheses; notice their angle and their placement compared to the outside of the bowl shape.
Step 3: Add the three shapes to make the smile. Notice the placement of these shapes, compared to the nose and the smile lines. Be sure to notice that the upper lip is the smallest of the three shapes and the bottom lip is the biggest.
Step 4: Draw in the teeth. Notice that each tooth appears to become smaller as they go further back in the mouth. This is not the case in real life, but it is when we draw a smile. Try not to darken the lines between the teeth too much.
Step 5: Merrill? What the HECK is THAT? Relax! Don't worry!....Ill make this nice and simple. First, notice that the new shape is taller than the bowl shape. The triangular shape at the top center is slightly wider than the nose shape. Look closely and notice that the left side is squared and the right side is rounded. Also, be sure to see that the right side is lower than the left.
Step 6: Listen, you're a firework!!!! Don't freak out! This is EASY! Hair moves all the time. You do not need to get this shape perfectly. Use your observational skills to get the general shape of the hair. Again, don't be intimidated by this step.... just generalize what you see.
Step 7: Draw in the eye shapes. Notice that there is one eye length between the eyes. Notice the difference in size between the top eyelashes and the bottom ones. Notice the size of the iris compared to the whites of the eye.
Step 8: Draw in the shapes for her body.