Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Draw Justin Bieber Step by Step by Merrill Kazanjian

LINK- http://merrillk.com/?part=fineart&act=artist1&artist=69&collection=461 How to sketch Justin Bieber Step by Step. There is something about having great hair......No gray hair.....great hair. The ladies always seem love the guys with the floppy bouncing hair.......Oh your smooth.....And they love them even more if they could sing and dance.......
This video will teach you how to draw a pop star who got his big break on you-tube, .....no not little old man....Mr. Justin Bieber....... All you need is paper, a pencil, and some determination. I will lead you step by step through this drawing so that it is as easy as possible. Pause the video at the end of each step and follow along with me and I guarantee that you will surprise yourself. If you need extra help hit the link in the video description to go to a resource with step by step instruction through words and pictures to compliment this video. You have everything that you need to make a successful drawing. Lets get started.
Step 1: Study the two main shapes before you draw. The bottom shape looks like a perfectly symmetrical cup but the bottom is pointed rather than flat. The top shape looks like melting ice cream on top of a ice cream cone. The distances from the chin to the middle of the hairline and from the hairline to the top of Biebers head are about the same.
Step 2: Draw in the shape for Justin Bieber's neck.
Step 3: Add the beads. Notice that they make a V Shape.
Step 4: Add his shirt line. Notice the placement of the lines in comparison to the edges of the paper.
Step 5: Add Bieber's eyes directly below the hairline. His eyes are football shaped and the iris of the eye forms a U shape inside the football shape. You can fit exactly one eye length in between his two eyes. Notice that there is only one eyebrow visible. Here is a close up
Step 6: Add Bieber's Nose. His nose actually fits between the two eye shapes above. This is very rare and I hope that he never catches a cold! Be sure to notice the extra shape on the side.
Step 7: Add the shape for his top lip. The shape is like a flattened letter M and the corners of the mouth shape align with the pupils in the eye shape.
Step 8: Add the bottom lip. It is shaped like a banana.
Step 9: Add the teeth. Take some extra time to observe this step. Notice that I did not put in lines to separate the teeth yet, only points at the bottom and top.
Step 10: Add the highlight shapes in the hair. This step is optional and do not stress if you do not perfectly draw this difficult shape. "how to draw famous people step by step"

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