Thursday, September 22, 2011

Portrait drawing in technics a dry brush - Hilary Duff. Art of portrait painting and drawing by Yakov Dedyk

Speed drawing portrait of Hilary Duff in technique dry brush. Drawing from a pure sheet of a paper, without carbon papers and the transferred figure. That I draw on time portraits from a nature. Actual time of drawing 2 hours. (Oil paint, solar oil, paper).
Portrait painter Yakov Dedyk. Realistic painting art. (Portrait of Hilary Duff).
Заказать портрет в технике сухая кисть. Рисунок маслом, карандашом на бумаге. Яков Дедык.
Portrait oil painting techniques to order on a canvas from a nature and on a photo. Painting realistic portraits. Modern artists Russian fine arts.