Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Speed Drawing - Cat Eye by Ellie Hawes

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All subsequent videos will be posted there.

(I was SO HAPPY when TheMeanKitty noticed this and commented.. if you go to nearer the backpage of comments you'll see! :D)

---ALL CREDIT for the intro goes to my brother Kris. Thanks a lot Kris for designing, filming, and editing the beginning sequence - it's amazing!---
So hey everyone!

This is basically the introduction/practice to a new thing I'm trying out: speed drawing (or 'time-lapse'). This drawing was only a quick and rough one, took about an hour in full length, but it was just to try out the camera and program and everything. I'm age 15 so I know I've got a lot to improve on!

The photo I used to draw this from was a pic I took of the whole face of my neighbour's cat - I zoomed in on the eye. She's a really beautiful animal, and I hope to draw the whole picture sometime.

Sorry about the random change of focus halfway through; as I say, this is a practice and at first the focus wasn't set right, so I altered it when I realised.
Hope you enjoy.

Real time: 1 hour approx
Media: Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils
Song: Tomorrow's Heroes
Artist: X-Ray Dog