Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Speed Drawing - Manchee! (Chaos Walking) by Ellie Hawes

http://xxx-ellie.deviantart.com/ - New channel: http://www.youtube.com/ElliesArt - all upcoming videos will now be uploaded there! Subscribe to see the FANTASTIC new intro that will be put on all my videos after this. My brother, Kris, who made this one, has put together and edited an even better one. Truly, it's brilliant!

Right. For all that don't know: Manchee is a fictional character, a dog, who I imagine to be pictured as a Border Terrier (hence this drawing). He's from the most amazing book series ever written. The trilogy is called 'Chaos Walking', written by Patrick Ness. My brother was lucky enough, and lovely enough, to meet Ness for me when he visited Birmingham last week - where my brother goes to uni - and he gave this drawing to him there :D He mentioned this on twitter a couple of times here http://twitter.com/Patrick_Ness ...*SQUEE*. If anyone hasn't read these books, all I can say is you're missing out; I can't recommend them highly enough.

I apologies for the gap between this and my last speed drawing. I've been revising for my GCSE exams (which start Monday, eeek) so haven't had the time. Remember, all my subsequent videos will be uploaded to my 'ElliesArt' you-tube channel now, because when I created this channel's name, years ago, I had no idea I would actually have a use for it by uploading drawings...

Hope you enjoy!

Real time: 3 hours approx
Media: Pastels, on Velour paper
Song: The Journey
Artist: X-Ray Dog

(This song is actually what I imagine would be perfect playing over the end credits if the last book - Monsters of Men - was ever made into a film.)