Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Speed Drawing - Springer Spaniel by Ellie Hawes

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One last upload on this account, and then all subsequent videos will be posted there.

---ALL CREDIT for the intro goes to my brother Kris. Thanks a lot Kris for designing, filming, and editing the beginning sequence - it's amazing! Also, many thanks to my dad for doing a fantastic job processing all the data and using your computer skills to make this work :D ---
This is my 5th commission. After I gave the tabby cat (my 2nd speed-drawing video) picture to the vets I went to for work experience, their receptionist asked me to draw her dog, Poppy. She's a beautiful springer spaniel who always had bundles of energy whenever I saw her in their staff room each day.

Real time: 7-8 hours approx
Media: Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils
Song: a shortened version of Hayling
Artist: FC Kahuna