Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Draw a Rose Step by Step Flower Drawing Tutorial by Merrill Kazanjian

This is my first step by step colored pencil tutorial. After you watch this video, you will have a solid understanding of how to draw a rose with colored pencil. I have simplified the instructions so that even a beginner could create a successful drawing. I will tell you about the colored pencils later in this video. But, for now, grab a regular pencil and some drawing paper. I have a quick recommendation before we begin. Hit the link in the video description and go to my website to download a printable page with our reference image. Lets begin.
Step 1: Draw a long rectangular shape for the stem.
Step 2: Take a moment to observe the proportions of the new shapes that I added. Notice that the leaf to the right overlaps the stem. The two shapes on top are positioned more to the left hand side.
Step 3: Now add the shapes for the bottom of the petals on the right hand side. Notice the U shape that is formed at the bottom of the rose. Notice that the upper shape on the right is slightly thicker than the upper shape on the left.
Step 4: Use your imagination a bit and notice the slightly skewed egg shape above the shapes from the first three steps. Once you notice how it fits, draw it on your paper.
Step 5: Add the four shapes which I just added around the egg shape.
Step 6: Use your observation skills and add even more shapes to the center of your rose. Do not stress if your drawing does not look exactly like mine. In portraiture, you need a likeness, but you don't need to be as exact when drawing a flower.
Step 7: The same rule applies with step seven. Use your observation skills, but don't stress extreme accuracy.