Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mountain Landscape Tutorial Pt 1 of 3 by Tyler

Hello and welcome to the first part in my how to draw landscape series. In this part ill cover how to create a simple sky and mountains using charcoal techniques.

This video is part 1 of 3 in this series so be sure to watch the other 2 videos to complete this whole videos.

For the complete series here Ill be using different grades of generals charcoal pencil. Compressed charcoal in 6b. Generals white charcoal.

3 different types of erasers. kneaded eraser, a white one and a pink eraser.
Ill also be using blending stumps pencil sharpeners and sandpaper.

This tutorial focuses on the sky and the mountains. I first start off by drawing an outline to the mountains. Powdered charcoal works great for shading in the sky. This creates a nice even coat. Use a cotton ball with this or a paper towel. This creates a very even tone for the sky and really sets it up nice if you wanted to add in some clouds. Add in the sky area first in the drawing so that you don't mess up any detail you set into the mountains.

After the sky is shaded in. Re define the mountain area and once that is done you want to create some lines going from the peaks of the mountains down to the base. After this you want to establish a direction of light and any mountain face that is facing away from that light will be shaded while everything facing the light source will be highlighted. This creates a 3d and realistic look to them.

Be sure to come back and watch part 2 to put in trees and a distance beach in the background along with a lake, close up pine trees, and some rocks. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching!

You can find this completed drawing on my deviant page as a reference image.