Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mountain Landscape Tutorial Pt 2 of 3 by Tyler

Welcome back to how to draw a landscape part 2. In this video I will be mainly going over how to start out drawing some hills or a beach in the background and some trees into the very far background. This part is very simple. All you need to do is draw some "m" like shapes for the hills/beach area. Shade that in simply, not much need for detail at this point. The trees i the background are only defined by up and down strokes. You only put in minor detail for the distance trees because after all they are very far in the background.

Next comes the reflections. I will be reflecting the tops of the mountains into the water. I start out by drawing simple lines that look like a mirror in the lake and shade them in simply. The water reflections usually are not as detailed as the mountain itself so leaving detail out is not a big deal. you want to blend them in quite well and get them nice and even.

Next comes the water. I use the powdered charcoal to get a nice even coat on the water area to get the tone down. After which I use a charcoal pencil to start putting in horizontal strokes. Add more of these marks closer to the bottom of the page. As the water reseeds into the background, add less detail into the water. It adds a sense of perspective into the drawing and shows depth.

I start on drawing in the pieces of land right after the lake is completed. Make sure the lake is done before you start to draw in the areas of land. I use the powdered charcoal to shade in the areas of land. Right after that I start drawing in lines that will be the trees. I add in a few of these trees.

Part 3 of this tutorial will cover the last of the trees that will be added in. So please come back and watch part 3!

You can find this drawing for a reference image as well as other drawings from my deviant page.