Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drawing capricious92 by SmecksDotCom

http://www.youtube.com/user/SmecksDotCom - I have just recently started to ask visitors to my channel (and potential subjects to be drawn) to help me out by posting at http://flixray.com/forums . Soon to my rescue was the most awesome capricious92 (known to me also as Rachel in the flixray forums). Such an awesome person to talk to, and a great friend to get to know.

So, to repay her kindness in helping me out, here is my tribute drawing - I really hope she likes the results!

Music for this video is by Talley Lambert from the album entitled "The Red Line of Hydrogen". I listened to probably about 6 artists prior to this one, and as soon as I heard the first track i stopped what I was doing to listen - great music all the way around!

** Remember, if you would like me draw your portrait, come hang out with us in the flixray.com forums ... The more I see your name the more I'll have that cloud of guilt and gratitude hanging above my head to draw you!