Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Draw - Creating Flesh Tones in Pastels by SmecksDotCom

http://www.youtube.com/user/SmecksDotCom - This is a quick tutorial on how to create a basic flesh tone using four colors:

* Brown
* Red
* Blue
* White

Originally this video was going to just be a private video for one of my good YouTube friends to help him learn how to make a general flesh tone, but then I figured no guts, no glory - I might as well put it up for all in case it helps someone else along the way. (So please forgive the lack of slick editing and the jumbled narration).

Keep in mind that everyone has their own style and preference when it comes to how they approach their art and personal techniques. As far as portraits and creating flesh tones, my preference happens to be that I prefer to make my own using a combination of colors rather than relying on a flesh colored pastel sticks. (So no offense to those that prefer the flesh colored pastels, it's just not my own personal thing).

The technique shown in this video is just for a very generic starting base to build off of. Everyone's skin tones are different based on nationality, lighting, reflections and so forth, so your mileage may vary considerably on these ingredients. Best method is a bit of trial and error, and training yourself to see beyond what you expect to be there, but rather what IS there. I have a couple cool little techniques that I will share later (if you want) on how to pick out different shades from a picture, I just simply ran out of time to show anything more than what I could squeeze into under 10 minutes.

Feel free to discuss your take on this in the comments as well as if you like the tutorial, what else you might like to have explained, what i could do differently to make it more informative and so on.