Thursday, May 3, 2012

MakeupByTiffanyD Portrait Drawing by Nicole (AKA Colie Gerardo)

Time spent: about 4 hours
What kind of pencils?Pentel Jolt 0.7 mechanical pencil
Other tools used? Blending stump, kneaded eraser, tissue paper.
What kind of paper? Bristol
How old am I? 22
How long have I been drawing portraits? 3 years
Have I taken lessons? Yes, but I'm mostly self taught.
I started drawing random YouTube Beauty Guru's that I watch about a year ago and so I decided to add MakeupByTiffanyD to that little collection haha :) I've also drawn Juicystar07, MichellePhan, sxePhil(I know he's not a beauty guru but I watch him lol!), JLovesMac1, Euchante, cdiorme, kissndmakeup, DulceCandy87, FoxyLocksExtensions, ErinTheInsomniac & QueenBeeuty! Check out my channel to see those videos!