Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Speed Drawing - Horse by Ellie Hawes

One last upload on this account, and then all subsequent videos will be posted there.

---ALL CREDIT for the intro goes to my brother Kris. Thanks a lot Kris for designing, filming, and editing the beginning sequence - it's amazing! Also, many thanks to my dad for doing a fantastic job processing all the data and using your computer skills to make this work :D ---
Basically, this was a commission for someone who sent me the photo of her horse. But it was a really low quality, faded photo, and also it had lots of reins hanging over its face which the woman wanted me to exclude from the drawing. So the result is something I'm not too proud of, only taking me a little over an hour to finish. To make up for the perhaps lack of skill here, I've put some nice X-Ray Dog music as the backing (: Hopefully I'll have a new video uploaded in under a month, that is better than this.
Real time: 1-2 hours
Media: Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils
Song: Intrigue
Artist: X-Ray Dog