Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drawing @ Selena Gomez By Jardc87 (Juan Andres Da Corte)

Youtube Block My other video worldwide so i change the audio... Sorry Guys... 

Hello friends! I did demi lovato drawing and could not stop making the Selena Gomez one too. She's a beautiful and talented young lady! I love her show wizards of weverly place. I always laugh a lot with it ... this little girl has a really beautiful lips enjoyed making them! I also love her eyes! I want a girlfriend like her xD took me 3 hours to make this portrait! Hope you like it! i use a mechanical pencil 0.5 HB & pencils different shades from the HB to 9B. I hope you like the intro too! I did it with After Effects! Enjoy!

Watch the drawing in HQ here:

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