Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flower Tutorial - How To Draw Flowers - Poppy Flowers by G. Tal - "Flower tutorial" "How to draw a flower" - "How to draw flowers step by step" - "How to draw flowers with pencil" for beginners. How to draw poppy flower tutorial video.

Ask for more "how to draw flowers" and "how to draw roses" tutorials in the comment down below.

In this "drawing lesson" tutorial I show you" how to draw flowers easy" " step by step" for beginners. I show you exactly "how to draw a poppy flower" It is very easy to draw these poppies flower .

After you watch my "poppy flower " "step by step" "drawing lesson" .You will be able to draw a poppy flower with pencil, then go over the outlines with a black marker. In order to make these flowers look like "3D poppies" so naturally I added fine curved lines with a black thin marker B that stands for Brush, the point is soft and therefore helps to make feathered looking "brush strokes" on the "flower petals".

This "flower tutorial" video is one of the flowers that I was asked to draw a few weeks ago in my "Daffodil Tutorial " video.
here is the link to that video:

Learn " how to draw a flower" -" draw roses" and "how to draw poppies" for your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife , sisters and brothers.
Once you watch this "flower tutorial" and you learn how to draw the flowers you can "draw flowers in a vase" , you can "paint flowers on walls" you can even "paint flowers on nails", add flowers to scrap-booking and of course draw and paint flowers - poppies on canvas.

So keep drawing and have fun !!!

G. Tal