Monday, November 5, 2012

Glass drawing using charcoal white conte black paper introduction by Peter Dranitsin

 "Glass"In this video I will be demonstrating on how to draw glass on black background using charcoal and white conte. This is a value study where: the objective is to see relative values in light values; define object by defining the medium to light values only; and develop awareness of how the eye can complete the shapes.
The materials that you would need for this lesson are: black paper 19x25", white conte 2b, white conte pencil, leather cloth, kneaded eraser, and pink pearl eraser.
The process begins with gesture drawing. Draw lightly so you can erase where the white disappears. Squint at the still life to simplify the subject matter and only put down the whites and light gray values. Concentrate on seeing the lights and their relative values within an object and between objects. Objects closest to the light source will have more intense white shapes and lighter grays.
This is a short introduction to this art lesson where I have structured and positioned each object in this composition. Visit my website to be able to see the entire process where I define each value using white conte and charcoal. I hope you enjoyed this short introduction, this is Peter Dranitsin and until next time!