Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Draw a Barn House by Tyler Lucas

Welcome back to another drawing tutorial everyone! This time let's take a look at how to draw a barn house!

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How to Draw a Barn House

This drawing I started off with just some light sketch lines for general placement of different trees and hills in the background and then placed in the barn. I used some photo reference to give myself a hand while drawing this but I usually will put my own twist on the drawing to turn it into my own style of drawing.

I started off with the barn and I quickly realized that I would need a ruler for the straight lines. I am usually pretty good with drawing landscapes but when it comes to drawing a straight line, I need to break out the ruler.

I used 2 point perspective to draw the barn. I had the foundation of the barn resting on the horizon and then I had 2 dots to the left and to the right of the barn. The closer the dots are together, the more extreme angles you will get with the barn. So I put those lines pretty far back on the page so that I would just only get a slight angle on the barn.

After the barn had its rough sketch lines in, I started to work on other aspects of the landscape like the sky. I used mainly a 4B pencil for the shading and used a blending stump to smooth it all out making sure not to cover all the sky because I want to leave some white for the clouds. Using a kneaded eraser and an eraser stick, you can start to create some wispy cloud texture. You can always go back into the clouds and add a bit more detail and texture of you like.

After the clouds, went into drawing the background hills which I eventually make darker towards the end of the video. I mostly used 2H pencils to start but switched to 2B pencils to darken the whole thing to make it balance more with the drawing. I did not add too much details to the background hills either. Just some slight eraser texture and left some natural texture from the pencil thats all.

Getting onto the Barn, I used a combination of B pencils along with mechanical pencils to get nice sharp and crisp lines. I wanted to create wood texture and using the eraser stick to pick up lines here and there really helped to add to thee detail of it.

The trees in the landscape used B and H pencils and I actually started with the darker pencils and used the lighter ones over that and it gave a pretty nice overall texture and look. I will usually do it opposite.

Drawing in the ground texture was just simply using an HB pencil lightly covering the area and then using a blending stump to smooth some of it out. Drawing in the road was similar. For the far back road, I just put some graphite on it with my dirty blending stump and for the closer road, I only put down a light layer and blended it out.

The finishing touches was adding in the fence. I feel that it really tied everything together. I also put in some nice shadow lines for them and that made everything pop!

I hope you all enjoyed this video and I will see you all again next week!
Thanks for watching!

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