Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waterfall Landscape Drawing by Tyler Lucas

I show you how to draw a waterfall landscape from beginning to end showing you the pencils and tools you need.

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Drawing duration: 2 hours

Welcome back everyone to another drawing video and this time I draw a waterfall landscape. I started this one off with a darker outline so that it can be easily seen on video. I did it with a 4B pencil and normally I would use an HB pencil for the initial outline/sketch just so that it can be easily erased.

I started the sketch by drawing out the rocks and their general placement. I then moved on to a quick sketch of where the trees would be.

I first started by shading in the sky and then going into the leaves of the tree. To draw them, I use an underhand grip with the pencil and use a circular motion resemble the leaves. I make some spots darker than others to show volume and depth within the trees. It helps to make them look more realistic.

Once the trees were finished up I moved onto the rocks. I had to make a lot of texture to make them look realistic. I do this by using a varying amount of pencils. Use a lighter pencil to create details then go over the same area with a darker pencil. It will create a varying texture to help simulate a realistic texture.

Once the rocks were completed, I added the water and some grass on the right side of the image. That just about wrapped up the image.

Thanks everyone for checking out this video and I hope you enjoyed it!