Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Draw a Hawaiian Sunset by Tyler Lucas

Welcome back everyone to a new drawing video. This time I draw a Hawaiian sunset in colored pastels.

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This drawing started off with a fairly simple outlining sketch of the background mountains and some of the foreground details such as the wave and the rocks on the left side of the page. I did not want to define too many things at first. I wanted to leave most of it up for interpretation for when I actually got to drawing it. Some areas of the drawing I had an original intent on how I wanted it to look but when it came time for drawing it, I decided to do slight changes here and there. So keeping a light sketch helps this process.

Once the sketch is done the sky is almost always the next step since it is the furthest thing in the background and everything else gets drawn on top of it. Even though this was more of a sunset type scene, I still wanted to keep the sky light in color. I used a lot of washed out yellows and a few oranges to get a nice calm tone going. The tone gets lighter and lighter as it hits the horizon. I also made the sky more blue towards the top of the page. I made the dividing area between these 2 colors clouds. Just to help separate them. Using the white pastel sometimes does not always do its job with sitting on top of all the other colors so using white charcoal can help that process a lot. The white charcoal can really show up much better and helps with drawing in the clouds with the strong whites.

Next area I drew in was the mountains. I had a difficult time getting the right shades in and took some practice to figure out how to do it the way I wanted it to look. The distant mountains I added a lot of blues and purples into to help push it into the distance. I also used some yellows and greens to add just a hint of highlights to them.

The closer set of mountains I used a lot of black to really silhouette them out. But for the areas where I did highlight them, I used more of an olive green instead of an emerald green just to fit the sunset tone that the image had. Colors are going to be much warmer for the highlights because of the sunset.

The closer hills I filled in with vegetation. Used several varying shades and colors of green to create the vegetation. I also used a lot of black to create some of the rocks that make their way down to the beach. And shades of brown for where the water meets the dirt and rocks.

Adding in the water I used shades of dark blue with some purple and dark green. And used black to darken the whole thing down and then blended horizontally to create the water. I added in highlights by where the sun was setting.

The large wave I used several shades of dark blue and a lot of the white charcoal again to really punch those highlights. I did the same for the foam on the beach. For the sand I used quite a few shades of tan and brown for where the foam meets the sand.

I added in a few rocks on the beach to add in a nice touch. The left side of the page was filled in with mostly rocks and a few bushes. I finished up the image with some palm trees mostly silhouetted out. Added in just a hint of color

I hope you all enjoyed this one and stay tuned for next weeks video!

Music Info:
song by Alex Beroza
Song: Improvisation on Friday

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