Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautiful Girl on Autumn Path Scenery drawing - ThePortraitArt video by Xiaonan Sun

Pastel Pencil drawing / Dry Block in dark sepia.

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A different type of drawing from my regular portraits, hope you enjoy! please share with friends :)

Info for the most common tools I use:
Generic Charcoal Pencil / HB and Soft
Strathmore 400 or 500 series Drawing Paper
Nitram Academie Fusains Charcoal Baton (Extra Soft and Soft)
Medium Compressed charcoal block
Tortillion (regular paper and news print paper rolled)
Kneaded eraser Hard Rubber Eraser
Charcoal Paper / light textured

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Music info: "Birth of a Butterfly" by Denys Rybkin (arttunetech)
you can get it here: