Thursday, July 4, 2013

Copic Marker Coloring: Jack Frost Part 1 (of 3) by Kerrie Jenkins

I'm a bit late, but thanks for the 20,000 subscribers everyone! :D

So on to part 1 of the (very long ) coloring process. Sorry it took so long to post, I got wrapped up in some school projects and kind of forgot about this. DX I originally thought this was going to be 1 inking video and 2 coloring videos... but now it's looking more like 3 coloring videos, I didn't realize how much footage I actually had. I'll try and get the next part posted as soon as I can. I will also post all the marker colors I used in the last coloring video, I've been keeping pretty good track of them.

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Gina K Pure Luxury cardstock
Copic Multiliners
Copic Markers (colors to come soon)