Thursday, July 4, 2013

Copic Marker Coloring: Jack Frost Part 2 (of 3) by Kerrie Jenkins

Hello again everyone! I took a few weeks off of YouTube to finish up Winter term at school and enjoy my (very short) spring break. So if you're waiting for a reply to a message or comment, I'm working on getting caught up on those. :)

So here is part 2 of my Jack Frost illustration - as of now, I still haven't finished working on this... I keep putting it off (I actually haven't drawn anything at all for a few weeks O:), but it will be finished soon so I can post the last part of this illustration and move on to something else. This video is mostly coloring of the background, which might be a bit dull - sorry if it is. I did a light layer of pencil as a guideline for the trees and ground, then colored straight onto the paper over my light box, which I had never done before and was rather fun.

I will be posting all the Copic colors and a full list of supplies I used when I post the final video. :)

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Previous videos for this illustration:
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Light Beam TracePad Light Box (for tracing my own artwork)
Gina K Pure Luxury cardstock
Copic Multiliners
Copic Markers (colors to come soon)