Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Draw - Summer in the Mountains Part Six - Drawing Tree Texture by Tyler Lucas

Welcome back everyone to How to Draw - Summer in the Mountains Part Six - Drawing Tree Texture

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Besides from polishing over a few things in this video, I mainly focused on finishing up the main tree within the drawing. I wan'ted to get that out of the way so that for the next video, I would be able to clearly see where I would need to add in some finishing touches.

I used a combination of pencils for drawing in the tree. I wanted a lot of bark texture for it and a great way of using that is starting off with 2 different pencils. I used a 4H or 2H pencil and gave the tree a general shading. Then using either an HB or 2B, shade over the area to create a textured bark effect. The texture will happen as you draw. H and B pencils don't mix well so it will create a nice effect for it. Getting up towards the top of the tree, I started to draw in some branches that I will later fill in with leaves.

The leaves are very much like any other leaves I will draw. I start off with the underhand grip and work in some details in small circular motions. Ill leave little details towards the outer most branches while making more compact texture for areas with a lot of leaves.

I hope you are all enjoying the series and I hope to see you again for the next one! Thanks a lot everyone!

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