Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Draw - Summer in the Mountains Series Part Two - Adding Values and Tones by Tyler Lucas

Welcome back everyone to part two on How to Draw - Summer in the Mountains Series Part Two - Adding Values and Tones

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Lets get back into things! I started this one off by adding in a sky in the background to get that out of the way. I didn't want to add in too much of a sky because a lot of the trees will be covering it up and I didn't want to have them compete against the sky for attention. So, I just decided to leave the sky a tone of gray. I mainly used a blending stump to smooth things around to get it nice and smooth.

I also decided to get some of the far background details in place so that I can get an idea of how those will look against everything else. I still might add a bit more detail to them later on but for now, they will be just fine.

Like I had mentioned before, I am going for a pattern in my values and tones. The background will be light while the middle ground will be very dark. Then it goes back to light again for that large tree in the foreground. So I began with adding in some tones everywhere for a fairly even coating. I also made sure to start adding in some shadows where I know they might come in. When shading, start out light and keep building on top of it. It helps to build up a bit of depth and you can also really set in how dark you want everything to be.

I hope you all enjoyed this video and I hope to see you for part 3! Thanks a lot for watching everyone!

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