Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Draw - Summer in the Mountains Series Part Four - How to Draw Rocks and a Waterfall by Tyler Lucas

Welcome back everyone to How to Draw - Summer in the Mountains Series Part Four - How to Draw Rocks and a Waterfall

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In this video, I decided to get some work done in the background rock cliffs and the waterfall. I start off by darkening and adding in some more details for the rocks so that the waterfall will have more contrast so that it will stand out more. Drawing a waterfall is a back and forth process. I like to add in a small amount of tone with a 2H pencil or so. It really helps to have a sharp eraser for this part. I will start to erase out parts of the pencil to create the highlights of the waterfall. Once this is done, I go back in and darken up some of the water to help build up some contrast and give it a bit of character. Then going back in with the eraser and blending stump to smooth things over and then repeating the process until I get to where I like it. Once that is done, we can go back in and finish up some of the rocks.

Because of the waterfall that I added and some of the objects around it, I had to change the perspective of the water pool just slightly. I did this by adding in more rocks on the bottom that took away from where the water would be. This helped to create the illusion that we were standing in the drawing. When the pool was more rounded, it gave a more overhead look of it which was counteracting the other perspectives that I had already placed in the drawing. 

Next video I will start to work on the ground details and get them more finalized. I hope you are all enjoying the series and would greatly appreciate your feedback! Thanks a lot everyone for watching! 

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